Are you a corporate hippie?

Or an entrepreneurial tree-hugger? Exchange ideas across industries, share insights, give feedback and create new projects. 

100% pure, organic networking

Our events are dedicated to speed networking only. No workshops, talks, egos or promotions. Make connects fast and easy. 

Be proactive, make networking a habit

Cold outreach is a pain. Set up your calendar and forget about the rest.

Surprise connections & converstations

You never know who knows who! Dive into a wealth of experiences and insights. 

Save time, money
& carbon

Choose to remotely network instead of attending conferences

40 new connections via remote speed networking


4 hours

40 new connections via physical conferences 


40 hours

How it works

1. Register & pay for the event you want

2. Set up your profile with tags and title

3. Prepare your elevator pitch

4. Show up

5. Spend 1 hour speed networking

6. Follow up with your connections

7. Repeat & grow your network fast!

October calendar

Wednesdays @ 1:00pm New York ET/EST

Looking to connect to your climate niche?

By telling us your industry and specific goals, we can build the event and email you when the event is ready to go!